Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cheap Medicines Available- Why Doesn’t Everybody Know Where?

I recently saw a patient in my office for the first time. While I was going over his medicines, he told me how he saved a lot of money by buying his medicines from Mexico. Nearly all the medicines he was on were available through Walmart and Target’s four dollar prescription program. He was not aware of this program. We determined that he will save tens of dollars buying his medicines from Walmart or Target- not to talk about expense and hassle going all the way to Mexico.
The chain stores Target and Walmart announced their $4 prescription programs several months ago. Several people around us are still unaware of these cheap prescription options. Some of these people are buying expensive medicines when they hardly have enough for daily needs. Others choose not to take these medicines because of ignorance of these cheaper options. Let us tell everyone around us about these options. Please e-mail this article to at least five people you know.
The list of medicines included in $4 prescription program can be obtained by either visiting local Target or Walmart pharmacies or by clicking here- Target Walmart through action


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