Sunday, April 01, 2007

Curing Health Care System Ills- Uncle Pete Style

I grew up watching my uncle Pete work long hour in his store. He has never gone to school, but is able to do complex number calculations without the help of a calculator. He owned a general store. He had an uncanny ability to make every customer feel special. Every customer would walk out of his store thinking that he got the best deal. My respect for his business acumen has only grown over the years.
He has been hearing about different proposed solutions for the the health care system problems including large number of uninsured and the high cost of healthcare.
“At this time, different groups seem to be rushing to announce a solution to the healthcare system issues. In this race to be the first, they are ready to elbow their competitor with its own proposed solution out of the tracks,” said Uncle Pete.
“I think it will be helpful to see everybody’s proposed solution so we can come up with the best idea. Why would you not want anyone else to propose their solution?” I asked.
“Each group is proposing a solution having given a lot of thought to their own piece of the pie.”
“What is wrong with that?”
“That means many proposals clogging the pipe- none really getting through,” said Uncle Pete.
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