Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pro-Per™ Herald: Does it Matter Where Your Water Comes From?

You are ready to live a healthy life. You are all pumped up to turn the corner. You see a health adviser. “Start with eight glasses of water per day,” she says. You think of picking up a box of bottled water on the way back home.
You did not think of filling those eight glasses of water out of your faucet. Is it because you think faucet water is not safe? Is it because your favorite celebrity with a perfect physique drinks that bottled water during her workout?

Pro-Per™ Points
- A gallon of bottled water can cost more than six dollars- more than twice the price of (insanely expensive) gas. Compare it to one cent a gallon for your faucet water.
- According to an article in the New York Times, regular bottled water drinker can spend up to 1400 dollars per year on water!
- Regarding the safety of municipal water, your local government is required to tell you the quality of your faucet water. If there is a need for tweaking the quality of your faucet water, what about putting your tax dollars to work toward doing that? People may be losing interest in faucet water quality because nobody seems to care.
- I think there is an access issue too. While the soda cups are monstrous, the water cooler side cups have stayed puny. How is a guy supposed to get his daily eight glasses of water in with those cups? What about buying some inexpensive big cups and putting them by the water cooler/ faucet at your work place tomorrow? through action


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