Thursday, July 27, 2006

The significance of TIA

There is a chance that a short lived difficulty speaking or weakness of one side of the body that resolves on its own could be easily ignored or forgotten. This problem called as transient ischemic attack (TIA), however, enormously increases the chances of a full blown stroke in coming days.
The British researchers have published a scoring system in the journal Lancet that estimates the chances of a big stroke after TIA. A 60+ person with a blood pressure more than 140/90 having weakness of one part of the body that lasts more than 60 minutes that resolves on its own, for example, has about 31% chance of having a stroke within seven days following this episode!
So, do talk to your provider if you have any neurological symptoms, however transient.
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Blogger 63angel said...

What chances of having a TIA if you have high blood pressure that is much higher than it should be for a long duration .I have been seeing a cardiologist and he is doing what he can. But if it doesn't get under control, how long can it go without causing permanent damage to the arteries or other areas of the body? I know you can't give medical advice on the net, but just some generals would be good to know.

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